Saturday, 21 January 2012

FMV EunHae/ HaeHyuk : Secret Garden & Mirrored Love

Hello,hye, annyeong...;)

i want to share smtg. this is so daebak. for those who are EUNHAE supporter i know most of u like to read EUNHAE fanfic including me..>.< but do u know what, i just finished watch EUNHAE FMV: SECRET GARDEN. this is soo awesome!!! trust me XD.The storyline really make me crave for next episode...huk2. The story is too good. I already follow the FMV for a long time and i never know the person dat make this FMV. I thought she is from America Latin since she used ROSENANA as her name..XDD. But, actually she is malaysian and she is actually my friend. (how come she never tell me...aishhh). i really shocked!!! seriously..huk2

Now she is preparing for 2nd EUNHAE FMV: MIRRORED LOVE. Triangle Love Story between Donghae, Aideen Lee and Hyukjae...awww~~<3 The 1st episode already come out. HaePPY watching everyone..~~;)


  1. Mirrored Love Opening
  2. Episode 1: The Cursed Mirror 1
  3. Episode 2: The Cursed Mirror II 
  4. Episode 3: Trick or Treat
  5. Episode 4: The Red Thread
  6. Episode 5: Confession
  7. Episode 6 Part 1/2: Second Chance
  8. Episode 6 Part 2/2: Second Chance
  9. Special Episode ;)(New)

Donghae, Aideen Lee as a Twin Brother

Love never end!!! ;)