Tuesday, 25 December 2012



Thank you for the support. I see one new follower…yippi ^^

For those who are going to SJM show really enjoy and satisfied with all performers especially SJM. Basically, I went there for a last minute decision since I don’t buy the tix and I’m working on dat day. Luckily, my chingu (Sally) massage me and asked either I want to go or not.haha. Without hesitate I said yes but must wait until I off from work.  Then, I took a Putra Train to place that we were agreed to meet and straight to Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC) at Pudu area. Ok there were traffic jam there and we think we can’t reach KWC on time. Sigh..>.< .But fortunately we arrived around 9.00pm and luckily SJM not perform yet. I think during that time EXO-M performing on stage. Then because we don’t have a ticket we decided to go to Level 16, but there were security guard there then we decided to move to Level 17. Fuhh… finally we able to enter the place and on that time SJM started to perform. Woah we are really happy to see Sapphire Blue from above.  Even its so far from stage, but I can see them clearly. Omo I miss them especially Eunhyuk. Last time I meet SJ during SuShow4 at Seoul. Kyaaa its been a long time >.<. And one more think what make me happy was there were too much EunHae and KyuMin moments. Seriously I scream loudly because of that. LoL. 

- To Henry, thank you for holding Malaysia flag. So, proud of you ^^ -

- Siwon's VCR to Malaysia Fans -

Watch this video. EunHae <3

Q : If you are born as a girl who you gonna chose for a date? 

The best Q ever! hahaha
(Thank you for those who asked that type of question. Hahaha XD)

Ryeowook --> Sungmin --> Kyuhyun --> Donghae --> Eunhyuk (for sure XDD) --> Zhoumi --> Ryeowook * Henry no partner??? Omo >.<*

Here some Selected Best Video. Happy Watching! ^_^

SJM - Perfection

Super Junior-M live in Malaysia super asia showcase part 1

Super Junior-M live in Malaysia super asia showcase part 2 (Intro)

Super Junior-M live in Malaysia super asia showcase part 3 (Coupling Question)

Super Junior-M live in Malaysia super asia showcase part 4 (太完美)

I think it’s fine to watch from far…hahaha AND don’t miss opportunity to go if you have a chance. If you have ticket or not it’s doesn’t matter. Seriously…XDDD. Fighting! ^__^