Monday, 27 May 2013

MY Point of View – KPOP Dream Concert Live in Malaysia

  • Date : 23 & 24 May 2013 (Thursday & Friday) 
  • Time : 8:30 PM 
  • Venue : Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands, Malaysia 

Annyeong ^^ 

Hey I’m back to update my latest experience during KPOP Dream Concert Live in Malaysia. The line-up artist to perform on both night are SISTAR, 4MINUTES, GNA, BTOB and BEG. I’m not going both days ok..LOL. I went on 2nd day which is on Friday since its public holiday (Wesak Day) with my lovely ILLYA unni and we drive to Genting. Its take about 1 hour to arrive there from Gombak. 

What I heard for 1st day concert, not so many people are coming. Well, we can expect that since it’s weekdays and mayb some of us prefer to go on Friday. Same like I do. Heeee. But for 2nd day concert WOW the venue fill up with so many people. Good job everyone (clap! clap! clap!) ^__^. At 1st I seat at Blue Zone Area which is left corner of stage then we shifted to Green Zone Area which is much closer to the stage… (yippi!) . I came just to give support and scream to my little brother BTOB…muahahaha. Especially MY ILHOO.. (Founder of Gwiyomi Playe ;p) 

The concert starts with SISTAR --> 4MINUTES --> GNA --> BTOB --> BEG. But the most anticipating performance to see is BTOB…(oh yeah!) . Aww when ILHOO come first on stage with GNA to perform Oopss! Song kyaaaa I can’t handle myself. ILHOO why so cute and adorable! He acts so much closer with GNA. Ok I’m jealous (>.<) . I want to be as GNA please…(LOL) 


Then after GNA perform, BTOB rock the stage. They start with 2nd Confession, Insane, Wow! & one slow song..(omo don't remember the title of that song..hee). Unfortunately, No Irresistible Lips for tonight ;( 

- WOW! -


cr: YT : ninaheechullie

Yes! BTOB did superb performance. I enjoy myself and sing along with them especially for WOW! During WOW song everyone so excited including me…heee. (you guys can expect that...LOL) . Then, I saw HooSik (ILHOO & HYUNSIK) moments on stage. Kyaaaaaaa this can’t be! XDDD 

HoonSik KISS ? Awwwwww

This concert really daebak! Thank you to the organizer Esteem Pavilion Sdn Bhd for bringing them back to Malaysia again and BEG which is their 1st visit to Malaysia. 4MINUTES and GNA will come back to Malaysia again in becoming June together with B2ST for AIA Concert at Putra Bukit Jalil Stadium. Hope get a chance to meet them again! 

BTOB fighting! ILHOO fighting! ;))))