Saturday, 26 January 2013

GDA Day1 2013/1/15 My Own Story ^^

New update in 2013..yeay ^^ 

Everyone have fun in GDA 2013 at Sepang International Circuit, KL Malaysia??? For sure the answer yes right! Nado!!! I double triple like… can’t forget the day ever. The 1st time I met INFINITE in front my eye. this is so crazy...hahaha. & also SUPER JUNIOR; King of Hallyu and my forever #1 most favorite group. After I met SJM on last December now they come again as whole group to GDA. I’m so proud this is the 1st time GDA held in Southeast Asia. thankyu Malaysia Government and Samsung ;) 

My GDA Tix..keep it save ;)

- i'm with EunHyuk towel and my dongsaeng; nana with Donghae towel -
Urinuen ELF eoyo~~^^

This is the last minute decision for me to go to GDA…hee. I buy the ticket 3 days before the GDA start and I decided to go on 1st day only since I get off that day... Kyaaa why they made this during weekday >.< . The most anticipated stage for sure Super Junior and Infinite plus the rest of kpop stars like B2ST, CNBLUE, FT-ISLAND, 4 MINUTE & etc. I’m glad I get photocard from and myboa_my . In addition, I get Exo’s banner and slogan banner for SHINee & FT ISLAND. 

- mboa_my -
Before the night event, I go to KLIA to pick up SUPER JUNIOR, CNBLUE,FT ISLAND, KARA, & JUNIEL. I get to see them closely and screaming like no tomorrow.. lol. The best part is when Donghae touching fans hand..kyaa dying XDDD. How sweet is that ~>,< My eyes for sure capture on my bias Eunhyuk & also Kangin. How I miss Kangin a lot since this is his 1st time coming to Malaysia after photoshoot of Boys In City: Malaysia 2008~ 

At 7pm on 15/1 finally I can enter into venue. Well, it so so late and many of fans run like crazy to get better spot. For me it’s doesn’t matter since I stand at Hallyu Zone which so far from stage but still can see the stage well plus a big screen provided. So no issue…^_^ The MC during that night is handsome Yonghwa (CNBLUE) and Nicole (KARA). The GDA going smoothly and glad all song are very well known to Malaysia kpoppers. So instead we do fanchant we sing a long with them…lol XDDD. Hongki (FT ISLAND) really energetic that night and its look like he made the performance look like a concert..daebak! But there is some problem during KARA performance and they need to redo it again. How bad to look at them exhausted! That can’t be help >.< Until last stage performance by SUPER JUNIOR everyone so excited about it including me. I like the remix of Bonamana, special stage of Oppa-Oppa (EunHae) and solo dance during Sexy, Free & Single perform by EunHae,. Both of them really make me crazy that night. Oh yeahh..EunHae so good ~^^ 

Then the most anticipated award announced. The Daesang Award GDA 2013 goes to SUPER JUNIOR!!!! Kangin receive the award with tear. We know this is 1st time he receive it together with other members. Don’t worry oppa next GDA, ELF gonna make sure SUPER JUNIOR win again~ fighting SJ! Fighting ELF! 

- Here Full Day1 Performance and Award Winner -

Part 1


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That all my update. Sorry for my bad grammar. Lol XDD 

"Thankyu to kpop groups that shout out “Terima Kasih & Apa Khabar” that so meaningful to Malaysia kpoppers. "
"To Eunhyuk thankyu for saying “Aku Cinta Padamu’ many <3 "