Thursday, 16 February 2012

Malaysia Youth Day: SJ will come again for 2nd time ^^

ELF lets shout out for this great news...heeee ;))))

Did everyone especially ELF watch promotional video for Malaysia  Youth Day?!! Don't get suprise coz they use Super Junior Mr Simple with fan chant as background music plus they also include some part of SJ performance during last year Malaysia Youth Day and also from Dream Concert! XD. Its like give hints to us;ELF that SJ will come again for 2nd time for Malaysia Youth Day on becoming May 2012...kyaaaa so excited! 

Do you still remember when Eunhyuk called ELF "SAYANG <3" (awww so sweet) and how he moves like Michael Jackson. And also Kyuhyun with cute act said" TAK PAYAH TANYA" (LOL XD). How lucky some fans get a chance to be on stage with SJ. Not just be with them but get a back hug, kiss on hand and chit chat with jealous on dat time...><

Watch promotional video below and spotted on :

0:19 ~ SJ at Dream Concert
2:26 ~ ELF holding SJM PERFECTION banner 
2:34 ~ performance SJM for last year at Malaysia Youth Day + Sapphire Blue proud ;)

Like Malaysia's Prime Minister said last year :-

" I believe it is reasonable to readjust this number (refer to Million Youth) to 2 million youth in the future (refer to 2012)"

* Don't worry our beloved PM. We gonna achieved 2 million for Malaysia Youth Day if Super Junior really be part of this program. prom15e!!! heeee