Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Its Hard to Forget Everything but I Will Try~~~

I feel soooooo bad today! crying.. crying..n crying...huwaaaaa. its long time i'm not be like this n the reason is bcoz of something bad thing happened to my ELFamily members. To my beloved unnie n saeng at Community of Malaysian Elf ( CME ) love u guys so much. we are very close bcoz of SJ n do hope our relationship as BFF still remain till the end. Dunt be like other people that want to quit ELF n leave SJ due to small matter that i think unreasonable at all. We dunt need such people that not royal to SJ n ELF!!! go away ~~!

dunt cry oppa ;(

" I want to forget everything n keep on moving....LETS HOLD HANDS TILL THE END! FIGHTING ELF!!! "

Monday, 24 October 2011


this is my 3rd update for this month...fuhhh~  
in celebrating of SUPER JUNIOR's 6th ANNIVERSARY that just around the corner which is on NOV 6TH, 2011.......,,,,,  

MALAYSIA ELF (MyELFv2.0) had prepared special MV for SUPER JUNIOR! well, right now only the teaser had came out...~~>.< Hope u guys enjoy watch this MV n do rate if u want....heee. 

Thursday, 20 October 2011

I'm the official Winner of Be M.A.D Like Baki Zainal - Stop Using Plastic Bags!!!!

Finally after about one month waiting,  we are announced as the OFFICIAL WINNER of this contest. yip2 hooray...huhu. As usual to win this contest we need highest likes and we got 42 likes..>.< For those who are spend a time to click like button, very2 kamsa. luv you guys. We taken this nice pic during UKISS Showcase in Pavilion.. ( scroll down to look up my entry during UKISS Showcase with Baki...hee). 

To my beloved saeng nana n sis nolie u guys rocks...^^

- BAKI with me, nana n nolie -

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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

K.O.R.E.A here i come.....^^

Hmm lme x mengupdate blog nie. mian2. byk sbnrY nak sharing ngan korng sume tp mse mmg xmengizinkn. nak dgo cte x. i.allah bulan NOV nnti sye akan fly ke KOREA selama 5 hari bersama ngan kawan2 dr MyELFv2.0. kami akan pergi sana seramai 7 org. ni la 1st time sye g oversee. slama nie mne de nak g jalan2 jauh nie. demi SJ sanggup tue...huhuhu. Kat sana mcm2 kteorg nak wat tp yg pling special akan pergi SuShow 4 kat Seoul...kyaaaa~~finally dpt gak nak rse suasana tgk konsert ngan KoreanELF(KELF). mesti ag daebak kn kn kn ^^. super duper xcited nie...NOV cepatla dtg...heee

P/S: spe2 yg nak order barang dari korea meh2 la contact sye. i.allah sye akan belikan tp fulus kne bagi ar....heee....