Thursday, 23 August 2012

생일축하합니다 YESUNG 오빠 !!! 24/8/2012

OMO! its Yesung Oppa Birthday~

Just for oppa :
생일축하합니다~생일축하합니다~사랑하는 종운오빠~

the one that have unique personality, great voice, great son,great brother & king of selca. luv you <3
Many ELF trending #SPYesungDay #SelcaKingDay and the most top trending is #BirthdayinYesung LOL XDD. Good job ELF. Let's show our love to the VOICE OF ART : KIM JONGWOON @shfly3424 (Yesung)

Saranghanda Yeye oppa ;)
~Listen to YEYE --> 110319 SS3 Malaysia - Yesung Solo - It Has To Be You

Wednesday, 22 August 2012



After goodbye stage of Sexy, Free & Single, Super Junior now promoting new song from Repackage Album (VerC) with song title SPY. Kyaaaaa. Its an awesome song as usual. Ok I like the choreography and also I love the way they switch part from one member to another. It’s so flawless. The SPY Teaser really make us anticipating of official MV of SPY but unfortunately the Official MV come out so late which after Super Junior already make a live performance stage T_T.  Then after the Official MV come out the problems is still the same. LOW QUALITY MV. Aishhh…hate this. The only make SPY MV is stunning just because of SUPER JUNIOR’s dance only. >.<

Now let’s move to precious EUNHAE moments in SPY LIVE PERFORMANCE STAGE…heee. Well, I never expect there is EUNHAE moment after my chingu tell me..kyaaa. Watch these videos. U gonna make a big smile later ;P

 spotted EunHae moment at 2:17

spotted EunMin & EunHae moments at 2:08 & 2:17

Looking at SUPER JUNIOR Official Teaser & MV + Dance Version..enjoy ^^

  • Official Music Video
  • Official MV Dance Version

  • Official Teaser SPY

CR: smtown channel 

p/s: anyone now where i can order SFS Japenese Version for Malaysia? please PM me..tQ 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Woah finally Sexy, Free & Single 6JIB Arrived ^0^

 Finally I got my album (Super Junior-Sexy, Free & Single)~^^~

These 17 albums actually are not solely belong to me. Only 2 albums are mine and the rest is for other ELF that taking order under my name.  The best thing is when buy this album we also can get free gift of 5 pieces (back & front) of Super Junior’s teaser p.card. Well, no worries the receipt of proof of purchase also included so that we can feel secured that the album counted for GDA. Actually, I don’t see my album yet but I already choose a SILVER COVER. Haha.. Xcited right? Well, at 1st I like RED cover but suddenly I change my mind.  SILVER COVER seduced me more…lol =p. The rest covers are Black and Gold. Ok about p.card, actually I don’t see it yet but I will do so after I pass all the album~ Hopefully I can get Eunhyuk’s p.card but I heard its very difficult to get it. Haha. I know Eunhyuk is HOT STUFF NAMJA now…lol XDDDD. 

For anyone that have Eunhyuk’s p.card by right now can u keep it just in case so that I can trade later~heeee

See the giant size of box~ arghhh I carry it by myself >.<


GDA Foucs SJ Album Bulk Purchase -