Wednesday, 22 August 2012



After goodbye stage of Sexy, Free & Single, Super Junior now promoting new song from Repackage Album (VerC) with song title SPY. Kyaaaaa. Its an awesome song as usual. Ok I like the choreography and also I love the way they switch part from one member to another. It’s so flawless. The SPY Teaser really make us anticipating of official MV of SPY but unfortunately the Official MV come out so late which after Super Junior already make a live performance stage T_T.  Then after the Official MV come out the problems is still the same. LOW QUALITY MV. Aishhh…hate this. The only make SPY MV is stunning just because of SUPER JUNIOR’s dance only. >.<

Now let’s move to precious EUNHAE moments in SPY LIVE PERFORMANCE STAGE…heee. Well, I never expect there is EUNHAE moment after my chingu tell me..kyaaa. Watch these videos. U gonna make a big smile later ;P

 spotted EunHae moment at 2:17

spotted EunMin & EunHae moments at 2:08 & 2:17

Looking at SUPER JUNIOR Official Teaser & MV + Dance Version..enjoy ^^

  • Official Music Video
  • Official MV Dance Version

  • Official Teaser SPY

CR: smtown channel 

p/s: anyone now where i can order SFS Japenese Version for Malaysia? please PM me..tQ 

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