Thursday, 23 August 2012

생일축하합니다 YESUNG 오빠 !!! 24/8/2012

OMO! its Yesung Oppa Birthday~

Just for oppa :
생일축하합니다~생일축하합니다~사랑하는 종운오빠~

the one that have unique personality, great voice, great son,great brother & king of selca. luv you <3
Many ELF trending #SPYesungDay #SelcaKingDay and the most top trending is #BirthdayinYesung LOL XDD. Good job ELF. Let's show our love to the VOICE OF ART : KIM JONGWOON @shfly3424 (Yesung)

Saranghanda Yeye oppa ;)
~Listen to YEYE --> 110319 SS3 Malaysia - Yesung Solo - It Has To Be You

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