Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Its Hard to Forget Everything but I Will Try~~~

I feel soooooo bad today! crying.. crying..n crying...huwaaaaa. its long time i'm not be like this n the reason is bcoz of something bad thing happened to my ELFamily members. To my beloved unnie n saeng at Community of Malaysian Elf ( CME ) love u guys so much. we are very close bcoz of SJ n do hope our relationship as BFF still remain till the end. Dunt be like other people that want to quit ELF n leave SJ due to small matter that i think unreasonable at all. We dunt need such people that not royal to SJ n ELF!!! go away ~~!

dunt cry oppa ;(

" I want to forget everything n keep on moving....LETS HOLD HANDS TILL THE END! FIGHTING ELF!!! "

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