Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What happen on this date; 06.11.2011 ??!!!

****** ITS COMING... 06.11.2011!!! ******

Did u guys know what date it is??? for SJ fans exactly u guys know its SUPER JUNIOR 6TH ANNIVERSARY. omo, its already 6 years SJ debut & they now already become a Hallyu Star ^^. so proud~~ngee. 

In celebrating SJ 6TH ANNIVERSARY, me & my friends (ELF) had changed our DP in FB. omo jinja really daebak~ for those who are not change it palli..palli... >.< 

2004.11.06 - 2011.11.06
hmm, and also let's participate project under SUPER LEGACY FORUM. By right now, i just only participated in The SIXTH Project V.4-The Signature only....heee.The main purpose of this project to collect 500 ELF's signature over the world. These 500 signatures will be divided into 10 cards which are refer to number of member in SJ now~! so, what u guys waiting for... go to this link and follow all instructions..its so simple ---->  -the-sixth-project-v4-the-signatures- . ;)

this is example of my KYUte signature...ahakz.. XD


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