Sunday, 6 November 2011


Its already ended the time for celebrating SJ 6th Anniversary but wait we still gonna count it for the next Anniversary~~yes! hope till the end of time.  6.11.2011 was da best moment for me n ELF over the world since most of SJ members tweet bout da SPECIAL DAY #SUJU6THYEAR~~hee. This are some tweets from them: -

" 2005/11/6-2011/11/6 6 years.My members who tought me happiness, pleasure, tears, friendship and the staffs, and E.L.F. who are so precious and sweet!^^Thank you so much!I’ll be with you till the end of my life!I respect you and love you
(aww oppa ur da best leader ever. saranghae <3)
"Super Junior ‘s 6th anniversary of debut. Because of all your love so this 6 years of the time are made~ Really thank you all so much~ Also thanks to every members>< Really really love you all so much~~ Ryeowook~♥ " 
- 13 Angelic Boys -

  ( Wookie oppa tQ so much for taking care of SJ a good chef ok.. ㅋㅋㅋ)

"Super Junior's 6th Anniversary ... To all ELFs who exits, which has stood by and loved Super Junior members... Thank you"

          ( oppa, take care of yourself. dunt get sick ok~ art of voice yesung ahhh ^^ )
" we walked together for 6 years before we knew it. Thank you so much , and i hope that we can walk together, smiling, for much longer period of time in the future. Thank you so much again and love you. Let’s celebrate our 6th Anniversary! "
so handsome~~ XD
( even now you ar so buzy with drama, dont get strees. keep your good work oppa~ fighting!!! )

" We are Super Juni~~~~~~~~or!!!6 year anniversary !! Love (SJ) and loving those who love (us) and cherish (us) and cherish all who cherishes (us) !! Thank you ELF I Love U " 
( oppa, urinen ELF eoyo~~~~!!! ^^. LOVE u too fishy ㅋㅋㅋ) 

 " 6 years!!!!!!! the time that just had just flown, the time that we endured clenching our teeth and did our best to make every effort, the time we’ve been making together, now it’s time to start all over again!! Here we go SuJu!!!! "
My TOP Bias---Sayang HYUK <3

(awwww oppa u are killing me. always my top u <3)

P/S: This is my 2nd time celebrated SJ Anniversary..pufff. Even i just knew them for a short period about 2 years but my love for them not gonna change. I'm deeply FALL IN LOVE with SJ. No matter what happened gonna stay beside SJ forever. SJ fighting! ELF fighting~ LOL <3

 cr: BIG TQ to the translator >.<

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