Saturday, 18 June 2011

Finally my beloved blog is created..yay!!!

annyeong...hai..hello~~ should i wrote in bahasa or english? hmmm~~~

it is been a long time for me to create a blog. finally this is it...^^. thanKYU to my close buddy; RUBY coz she give me a spirit to make one...haha. i will update my true story dat happen in my life. there are too many story i want to tell especially bout SuJu and kpop... give me a time yaa...peace ^^v

as an intro, enjoy dis MV ;))


  1. wah..bru wt blog but da blog cuteee nana dh berhabuk dh..xedit2 ag..hehe..anyway..waiting 4 updates from dis blog ea..hehe..

  2. aha byk habuq sgt ke? kuang2...i.allah akn d'update slalu. mintx izin nak upload gambo dr fb nana yea. (*nana kn photographer setiap event...;D)

  3. hehe..amek jek kak.. ^_^

  4. same2..nnt ad showcase ag kta g serbu ag au..jgn tinggal nana..kikiki