Thursday, 20 October 2011

I'm the official Winner of Be M.A.D Like Baki Zainal - Stop Using Plastic Bags!!!!

Finally after about one month waiting,  we are announced as the OFFICIAL WINNER of this contest. yip2 hooray...huhu. As usual to win this contest we need highest likes and we got 42 likes..>.< For those who are spend a time to click like button, very2 kamsa. luv you guys. We taken this nice pic during UKISS Showcase in Pavilion.. ( scroll down to look up my entry during UKISS Showcase with Baki...hee). 

To my beloved saeng nana n sis nolie u guys rocks...^^

- BAKI with me, nana n nolie -

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  1. senyap aje psl adiah smp skrg..hehehe...

  2. hdiah yg ptt dpt sbb menang tue.hehe..senyap je..xkn nk tny kn..maluuuuuuuuuuu..hehe

  3. hahaha. tau xpe, smpai unnie blik dr korea kot. agakY baki buzy sgt la tue =)