Saturday, 26 November 2011

SS4 Official Merchandise -Taken at Olympic Stadium SS4 Seoul

.:. This was taken during SS4 SEOUL 

I can't buy merchandise at 1st day even me n friends line up from 9.30am till 6.00, the weather on that day was too cold n windy..arghhhh  >.<
finally i just give up and rush to watch SS4 SEOUL....heee

SS4 Merchandise Collection


Outside Stadium
fuhhh finally on 2nd day i can bought merchandise L-Holder Siwon & Wookie. Actually i want to buy L-Holder Eunhae n Earphone. We came around 3pm n the place closed at 4pm. Actually we are too late to buy the items but my friend manage to do aeygo (^^) and the security guards let my friend in. Unfortunately many items already sold out likes L-Holder Eunhae, Kyu n etc..

- to be continue....;)

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