Friday, 9 December 2011


I'm gonna share all my experience stay in Korea. About 5 days i stayed there and i'm super duper love it. The country so beautiful, calmly and the people so nice especially ahjumma & ahjussi. The weather  was too cold and windy..aww i can't stand it!~ Because of most of korean people not english spoken, sometime I had problems especially to take a taxi and bus. For me i'm prefer to use subway because it is more easier and can save money..LOL XD

-Before depart from LCCT KLIA-

Date: 16.11.11 (WED)
Time: 11 PM
Flight: D7 0506 AIR ASIA X

I do bring a lot of luggage since me and my friend,LULA had missions to do in SEOUL. We need to pass all 16 SJ 5JIB Albums and special Photobook that made by MyELFv2.0 & CEM (Community of ELF Malaysia). Awww really its so heavy >.<

We also made a banner. This banner we brought it at SS4 SEOUL Concert. nice right?!!! hee

From left: illya unnie,miera, lee ya, lula, ME, ekyns, izra unnie

Date: 17.11.11 (THURSDAY)
-Arrived at INCHEON Airport-

About 6 hours taken from KL to Incheon Airport. omo, i'm so tired. After passed the imigration and also took the luggage, we took an AREX (Airport Express) to go to Seoul since we booked guesthouse around there. From Seoul Station we took a subway direct to Hyewha (Exit 4) and we need to walk about 10 minutes to INSIDE GUESTHOUSE. This guesthouse is near to Sungkyunwang University.

me n my chingu stay here. the place so comfortable n there are wireless provided too ^^

After done check-in i get prepared to walk around SEOUL. Wow i would said that korean people love to hang out and i meet a lot of handsome namja...keke. All the building are very nice and some of the shops put an idol pictures likes Siwon, TVXQ, Lee Sun Gi, Nickhun, Eunjung, etc. Then i went to Myeondong to buy goods that asked by my chingu. But unfortunately we don't find the store (LOL XD) and we finally decide to go to HANDEL & GRANTEL + SUKIRA. YAY finally we reached there!!!

we took it secretly...hahaha.

I met Yesung's mother and saw Yesung's brother;JONGJIN... aww its like my dream come true XD. I never thought that Yesung's mother is very nice and she greeted us. I able to take picture with her...^________________^

we mark our name at a Sukira's wall..upsss

Then I went to Sukira but unfortunately Sukira not airing on that day since 16/11 was the last record and DJ EunTeuk made a open mini concert with ELF..aww i missed the moments...goshhh~ 

Lastly, we decided to go Hangang River. Seem we don't know how to go there we asked  people around there. Luckily there were 2 beautiful ladies help us...fuhhh~! They said to go there we can just walk or take a public transport. They are very nice & keep chit chatting with us. One of them tell us that Siwon always go to church near her neighbourhood...^0^. After walk about 5 minutes we arrived at Hangang Park. We just can saw it from far away coz that place was too dark but we decided to come again later ^^ 

Wait!!! this only my 1st update in Korea. the 2nd update i will update soon..heee. i think this only part of my journey in Korea since i tend to forget some of the moments..LOL XD
See yaa yeorobun chingu.. 

annyeong ^^


  1. ehh bukan miera nak g ke nnti. wat gathering CME kt korea ^^

  2. 2thn ag tue kejap je kot. pejam celik jew..
    dpt g ngan CME Family lg syiokkk. bole la nnti stalker SJ dorm..hee

  3. alaaaaaaaaaaaa.......
    soooooooooooooo jeles.......