Friday, 30 December 2011


woah 2012 its coming soon...(i'm wrote this on 31/12/2011 ^^). excited right?!! to my readers and beloved Super Junior HaePPY New Year 2012. hopefully 2012 every1 get more bless and prosperity in life.fighting!!! 

to my readers sorry i can't update as usual since i'm currently working at Kuala Lumpur right now and don't have enough time to update...sorry2. >.< moreover, from right now i don't have internet connection at my place that why its hard for me to update. Too bad right. huk2.

NO ONE tell me that EunHae MV Oppa Oppa! already out...aishh.
THIS MV really daebak! likeeeee 10000000x...hee. hey i saw donghae's twin;Amber in this MV. LOL XD. The 1st time i watch this performance at SS4 Seoul i never though EunHae gonna make it as their debut stage at Music Bank. i do hope EunHae can compose more duet song after this and make special album. confirm i'm gonna buy it...heee. fighting EunHae oppa! 

Enjoy the MV..sure u gonna be EunHae mania after this..hahaha

peace ^^ zahyuk886

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