Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Super Junior Twitter & Weibo Update : Only in Malaysia Super Junior World Tour Super Show 5

Hi! Aloha! Apa Khabar?! ^.^ I'm back....weeeeee

I will post my coverage during Super Junior World Tour Super Show 5 in Malaysia soon. I know its too late for me to update but forgive me. haha. I have hectic schedule. *Sorry Sorry*. 

Here twitter update of Super Junior members in BEFORE, DURING & AFTER Super Junior World Tour Super Show 5 in Malaysia. Enjoy!!! 


말레이시아 다녀오께~~ 슈퍼쇼 하러 ~~~~ 뒤에 시원이얌 ㅎㅎ
[TRANS]  I'll go to Malaysia and come back~~ For Super Show~~~~ The one behind is Siwonㅎㅎ 
Cr:   @earlyboysd IG 
Trans : @13elieveSG TWT


'Dancing Out' MV를 찍었던 말레이시아를 간다!! 옛날 생각난다. 나 오른쪽 손목인대 4개 찢어진지 두달 넘었는데 지난 주에 알았음ㅋㅋ따끔거려서 병원 갔더니 의사쌤이 "허허.... 안아프셨어요?! 손목이 다 나갔는데...." 그래서 내가 "그럼 다시 들어오게 해주세요^.~" 이랬음..

[TRANS] Going to Malaysia where we filmed 'Dancing Out' MV!! Thought of the memories in the past. My right wrist had 4 ligaments torn for 2 months and I only knew the previous weekㅋㅋit was stinging so I went to the hospital and the doctor was like "hoho.... wasn't it painful? Your wrist came out totally...." and so I said "so please put it back for me ^.~" like that
Cr: @kimheenim IG
 Trans : @13elieveSG TWT


난 왜 아침부터 상속자들을 보고 있는거지... 왜케 오글거리지가 않지... 실제로는 오글거릴 장면들인데 말야 ㅎ 암튼 아침부터 몰랑몰랑~~ ^^ 말레이시아 슈퍼쇼 잘하고 올게요 ~!!!! 굿모닝~^0^
[TRANS] Why have I been watching "The inheritors" since the morning... why is it not so cheesy... It actually is a scene that is cheesy ㅎ anyway(,) my body has been weak since the morning~~ ^^ i will do malaysia supershow well and come back~!!!! Good morning~^0^
Cr: @Ryeo Wook TWT
Trans : @teukables


Malaysia Super ELF thank you!!
Cr: @Yesung TWT


Malaysia Im here :^)

Weibo Update: Malaysia, wait for me~ i miss you guys :^)

Weibo Update Trans: Malaysia are you ready to enjoy?

bye malaysia. already miss you all :^

Cr: @Siwon Choi TWT


Yo !! Malaysia ELF !! See u soon ~ Let's party tonight !! :)
Cr: @Super Junior 이동해 TWT


cya in malaysia!

backstage during concert in Malaysia. miss u all already! thank u everyone!
Cr: @Henry Lau TWT


Zhou Mi's weibo update: They're going with me to Malaysia [panda][panda] heehee

 Cr: @Sunshine周覓 TWT


"Biggest thanks from Super Junior to all in Malaysia!"

Bye2...Sayonara...! ^.^


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