Sunday, 11 November 2012

10.11.2012 ZE:A Showcase Live in Malaysia

Annyeonghasaeyo yorubun...*bow* ^^

I must share this memories with you all..haha. Well, basically i get a chance to meet ZE:A for a last minute at Kenanga Whole Sale City, KL. ThanKyu to my chingu;Norliyana coz asked to follow her to the concert. Its an awesome showcase!!! Truly speaking I'm not fan of ZE:A and even don't know their songs...upsss XD. The only i know is the members in this group like magnae DONGJUN, SIWAN and of course Kwanghee ( know from We Got Married & To The Beautiful of You). I really like Kwanghee & never stop scream his name start from beginning of showcase till the end showcase...hahaha.

Before the concert i got a chance to snap pic with big banner outside the hall and the most interesting part i meet my chingu there. Before this we only contacted through FB and never have a chance to meet personally. Finally...fuhhhh XDD.

~ lynx saengi, me, syikin saengi ~
Then the showcase start around 8PM. The fans really sporting and supportive toward ZE:A including me...hahaha. Like i said before i never heard their song. too bad right. Just only go for fun..;p At that night, ZE:A sing more than 10 songs in 2hours. The games provided by organizer also very interesting. Every time ZE:A's members play a game with selected fans in stage, the rest fans can't stand it. hahaha. so funny. They do a lot skinship with fans..aigooooo >.<. At the end of the showcase, Hyungsik got a birthday surprise from fans. He so touched and cry at that moment. awwww he really a crybaby...;p

~ Happy Birthday Hyungsik 16.11.2012 ~

cr: @ZEA_Hyungsik

Hyungsik : ZE:A Crybaby ;p

말레이시아 제아스가 미리 생일축하 해줬어요 너무 고맙고 앞으로도 자주 찾아갈게요! 내가슴에 Love 받아라! 
[Trans] Thank you very much to Malaysian ZE:A’s who celebrated my birthday in advance. We’ll come here often in future! Take the love from my heart!

~ ZE:A ~
For me overall, its worth it to spend your money to go to their showcase. I'm glad i spend a money in right way...LOL. Kwanghee hope we can meet again in future. Kwanghee & ZE:A fighting!!!


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