Tuesday, 6 November 2012


The day it comes! Its a big day for SUPER JUNIOR! yeaaaa~^^
2005.11.06 ~ 2012.11.06
How lucky i am to be part of SJ Family. No matter what happened i always behind Super Junior and keep support them till the end. SJ + ELF's love is precious. No one can deny it~! 13 angels lets make it again. Even now no more 13 members in stage but in SJ + ELF heart there is 13 angels~ 
see their finger's in row....all show #7..love it ^^

Here some compilation of tweet and video on SJ's Day ;DD

Eunyukkie why so shy?!..lol XDD
  • Eunhyuk sing 7 Years of Love. so cute XD. oppa don't be like this. Be more confident ok..ㅋㅋㅋ
  • Donghae's Tweet : @Super Junior 이둥해
Woah  ^o^
Super Junior 7th!! 슈퍼주니어 ELF와 7주년째 !! 앞으로도 함께하기 !! 사랑합니다 !!

[TRANS] Super Junior 7th!! ELF spent 7 yrs w/ SJ!!! Continue to be with us!! Love you! !!
7주년 기념 ^^
[TRANS] 7TH Year Anniversary Memorial ^^

오늘은 슈퍼주니어데뷔7주년^^ ELF랑 슈주랑사귄지7년되는날^^ 
[TRANS] Today is Super Junior 7th Debut Anniversary^^ The day when ELF and SJ have been together for 7 years^^

  • Hankyung's weibo 


[TRANS] 7 years, this journey, is the best gift you could give. On this path there have been people who are more skilled, and many who have worked even harder and have endured more. But I’m the luckiest because I have you fans. 7 years debut, I love you.

P/S: all translation credit to lovely owner...;) 

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