Saturday, 10 December 2011


DATE: 18/11/2011 (FRIDAY)

Let's use subway..kaa ja~! ^^
me & unnie Carol...its good to drink hot coffee during cold weather ^^
2nd day in Korea we go back to Myeondong to find the Kpop shops again since we can't find the day before...hee. Gladly we find the shop. Omo, the shop so crowded with people. Here the link to go to the MYEONDONG-KPOP-STORES. *After done buy the goods, we went to SPAO at Myeodong Branch. I really love to be there since they hang a bigger size of SUPER JUNIOR's banner...^^ * 

me with Eunhyuk ^__^
i hope i can hang this banner in my room...LOL

Then we hang out around Myeondong & suddenly there are two beautiful ladies came to us. They want to interview us. omo2. i'm speechless same goes to my friend. Gladly they only interviewed my friend, Lula..hee.fuhhhh~~~ They told us that they stay near to Super Junior dorm. OMO!!! We want to know more about that but we just hold it..HAHA.

Me & Lula

** actually i mixed up my update. i went to SPAO on Thursday not Friday..LOL.**

Btw, let's continue...hee.
After done shopping at Myeondong we went to Namsan Tower at Mt. Namsan. All about this tower just go to this site : All About N Seoul Tower. We go there buy yellow bus and its free. This bus go straight to Namsan Tower and its runs regularly. The bus dropped us right below Namsan Tower and we walk up to Seoul Tower Plaza. Don't worry after completing tour there we can take same bus to go back the previous place. 

Seriously I really want to go  Namsan Tower. Before this I just watch it from We Got Married's Show..^^

In front of Seoul Tower Plaza
2 ways ticket
Let's go~! nervous. my 1st time took a cable car that goes up to Namsan Tower >.<

sapphire blue Namsan Tower ^___^

Namsan Tower just behind us. tQ to Ajusshi that took picture of us...very2 kamsa 

After arrived at Namsan Tower, I really speechless. I can't imagine i can went such this place. its like my dream come true..omo2. I knew Namsan Tower so famous with Love Padlock and seriously i saw so many padlock there. Too much ok~! hahaha. (its good if Malaysia have such this place too >.<). 

woah ^0^
This just only some of it...huhu
We did found ELF Love Padlock to SJ...>.< wahh really daebak. Well, during my tour in this place the weather was too cold. I just stay there around half hours only and decided to go back to our room since the next day we want to scream for SS4 SEOUL...YAY!!!!! We should took rest since 19/11 (Saturday) we need to go up early to Olympic Stadium to  queue up for SS4 Merchandise AND for SuShow~~^^

DATE: 19/11/2011 (SATURDAY) 

- Time for SuShow 4 Seoul -

We, 7 of us went to Olympic Stadium with full of excited. This is because it is my 1st time to feel an experience attend concert with Korean ELF.  Seriously, not only Korean ELF went to this concert but also other ELFS from Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, American, China. Even when I saw the concert place i scream like hell. my heart beat so fast bcoz i can meet Super Junior here in Korea....huhu.

Outside Stadium
Let's posing 1st...^_^

Some of my friends queue up to buy SS4 Official Merchandise but we can't buy it at 1st Day of Concert. We only can bought it the next day (Sunday); 2nd Day of Concert only >.<. Read my update here --> SS4 Official Merchandise-Taken at Olympic Stadium SS4 Seoul

In Red Circle is Me & Unnie Illya..seriously i can't see it..LOL

Apart from that there was 1 group performed collection of SJ's song likes Mr Simple & A-Cha. They dance pretty well and fans shout fanchant too. Woah it really great to see we fanchant together eventhough the concert not start yet...hee. For this concert i bought Moshpitt D and i stand so closer to the middle stage. We bring in Malaysia flag & of course blue lightstick. The stadium full of SAPPHIRE BLUE Ocean...^0^ & before the concert they shown to us some ELF massage to SJ on screen with nice picture of SJ. Gladly i can read it hangul...hahaha. 

Sapphire Blue Ocean in SS4 Seoul
SuperJunior the Last Man Standing~!!!
EunHae Solo Stage...awww too much love..keke

During the concert i never lets go Malaysia Flag & wanted SJ noticed us. My body really in pain because there were some ELFs that push me from behind...awww. Like usual SJ sing & dance incredible awesome and we never feel tired to do fanchant and also raise up blue lighstick. The most songs that i like are EunHae solo (Oppa Has Risen - 떴다 오빠 ), Eunhyuk's Solo (Say My Name), Do Re Mi Fa, Mr Simple and Opera. Here SS4 Seoul List Songs : 111119-ss4-seoul-songs-list . After 4 hours the concert end. fuhhh i can saw Eunhyuk really close to me. (dying in happiness...LOL). The unforgettable moment was when Eeeteuk mentioned Malaysia during end of concert. Kyaa so proud~! Palli come to Malaysia for Sushow 4 Malaysia... click to see the video ^^

Muka x ciap...hahaha 
ss4 SEOUL Collection

This was my mission at Korea. My sister challanged me to take a picture with handsome namja there while holding his secret massage. Finally I successfully completed the mission.YAY ^_____________________^

Fuhhh which 1 is more handsome?!!! don't thinking hard...LOL

That all my updates...about my journey to Korea. I wish to go there again... Super Junior!!!! WAIT FOR ME OK..peace ^^

Sorry if my grammar not so good. i update this in rush...LOL
Annyeong ~^^